Our Approach

At this family run facility our top priority is developing confident Horsewomen and Horsemen that have a fun, safe and rewarding relationship with their horse. All disciplines are welcome, however we do offer lessons with specific focuses. We have resident trainers that have years of experience in their respective fields: Natural Horsemanship, Eventing and Youth programs.

Our open pasture format keeps horses happy and healthy by allowing them tons of space to run, buck, roll, socialize and play. There are plenty of run in shelters for inclement weather but we find that more often than not the horses like to be out in the weather with the wind in their manes.

Meet the Team

Northfield Stables is family owned and operated, and we are passionate about what we do. More than a job or career, it's a lifestyle that we've chosen and enjoy sharing.


The France Family

Margo France - Owner

Margaret France-Culley - Owner, Manager & Trainer

Ron France - Owner

The France and Culley Family

     Northfield Stables is owned and operated by Ron and Margo France, and Larry and Margaret Culley. Out of their love of the outdoors and animals, Ron and Margo fulfilled their dream of owning a place like Northfield Stables.

Margaret pursued a career with horses following her parents example of love and compassion for animals. After meeting Pat Parelli in 1995 and spending 3 months Studying with Pat Parelli in 1996, Pat invited Margaret to become an instructor in 1997.

Margaret needed a place to teach, and Ron and Margo wanted a place to enjoy and share the outdoors with friends and family. So the family bought the property in 2000. Margaret has designed the facilities with the goal of having the best place possible to board horses and to teach natural horsemanship.

In 2006 Larry joined our family bringing with him a deeper understanding of nature and the outdoors from his experience as a fly fishing and hunting guide.


Trevor Howard

     Trevor Howard is a skilled horseman and teacher.  He is passionate about all aspects of horsemanship and takes pride in his work.  His three love in life are family, horses, and fly fishing.  His approach to horsemanship is ever evolving and comes from a culmination of many different experiences in different disciplines in the equine industry.

     Early on in his time with horses he realized there was a better way to be with them.  Simple things he was struggling with like trailer loading, riding out, and getting his horses to do what he wanted seemed to come naturally to others.  It was when he attended a horse expo and witnessed a horseman work a untouched horse from the ground and put its first ride on that he realized he was missing a lot of the key components of good horsemanship.  From that day until current he has been a student to the horse and good horseman.  He is a dedicated student and has invested countless hours to understanding horses and how think and operate.

   What began as a hobby pleasure riding, soon became a passion, and eventually a lifestyle and career.  His first paid experiences involved training outside horses for family, friends, and the public. This led this to opportunities to teach horsemanship to the public.  His work experiences range everything from teaching private and group lessons, attending and teaching horsemanship clinics, running summer horse camps for kids while developing and maintaining the horses for the program, training horses in a dressage and eventing barn in a western saddle, starting colts and restarting and continuing horses training.

    On a personal level he continues to ride and develop his own horses.  He has many years experience training and showing horses for different western events.  Roping and cattle events are his favorite to compete in, for many years he partnered with his dad in team roping.  He and his wife also competed in various speed events like barrels, poles, and keyhole.  He has also competed in judged events and has been discovering what it takes to put a reining horse together.  Skijoring is now on the radar as he recently found fun and success  While competing isn't his current focus, the mindset, skills and wisdom he has gained are valuable assets to approaching horsemanship and training horses.  He has a great respect for the time and preparation it takes to get a horse ready for any discipline.

     Trevor is very mindful in his approach to training horses and instructing people.  His natural ability to teach and connect with people makes learning from him very comfortable.  He has many years of experience teaching both horses and humans of different ages and ability levels.  He enjoys the process of teaching and learning and finds satisfaction in improvement little by little. He is kind, patient, honest, and pays a great attention to detail while training and instructing.  Each opportunity is unique in that each horse and human is an individual and must be met with respect and isn't something he takes lightly.
     While his methods of horsemanship are ever evolving and will be developed over a lifetime.  One constant is the focus and intention he puts on building a confident, relaxed horse that is collected both mentally and physically and prepared for a job.  In order for this to take place a solid foundation is the key to a horses future and comes from hours upon hours of time on the ground, in hand, and under saddle.  Trevor is a very mindful horseman and is very skilled in bringing the try out in the horse.  "I wouldn't be the horseman or human I am today without the privilege of the horses and dedicated horseman I have learned from," Trevor is a true student, and loves learning, to this day the best teacher remains the horse.

Next Steps...

If you're interested in boarding, training, or visiting, we would be happy to meet you.