Here at Northfield Stables, horses live in beautiful, lush green pastures with ample fresh grass and plenty of room to act naturally.


Training horses, training riders, Northfield Stables has indoor and outdoor arenas and instructors to level up your horsemanship skills.


From lectures to group training, Northfield Stables hosts guest events to improve knowledge and understanding of life with horses.


While we do have stalls in the barn, this is a pasture board only facility. We reserve the stalls for pregnant mares or injured horses. We have 5 large grass pastures which allows for horses to be placed according to age groups, activity levels and overall health management. We also have a dry paddock for horses that don't do well on free choice grass. Each paddock has a smaller dry lot area with multiple run in shelters, hay feeders and water troughs. Horses are put out to graze in the mornings and evenings and brought into the dry lot during the peak of the day for ease of catching, and health care. Contact us for boarding prices. There is a monthly board fee for basics, pricing can go up depending on extra services if desired: blanketing, graining/supplements, farrier appointments, vet care etc.

For questions about boarding at our facility contact:

Margaret France - (801) 560-5808





Adult Natural Horsemanship: Taught by the owner Margaret France-Culley, these private lessons focus on overall Natural Horsemanship skills, riding, groundwork, progressions to working at liberty, problem solving and fear issues in the horse and/or rider. For more information on Margaret France-Culley please go to the Owner Bio page.

For Adult Natural Horsemanship lessons please contact:

Margaret France-Culley - (801) 560-5808



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If you're interested in boarding, training, or visiting, we would be happy to meet you.